Return to Sports

Return to Sports

About the Program

The Return to Sports (RTS) program is for any individual who is recovering from an ACL reconstruction or other lower extremity injury/surgery. This program is designed to enhance functional strength and sport specific movements to supplement formal physical therapy rehabilitation. These classes are led by physical therapists who specialize in the treatment of ACL injuries and lower extremity rehabiliation.

The focus of the RTS program is instruction of proper form and motor learning of functional movements that are essential to sports participation. Our specialized programming builds strength, agility, endurance, speed and sports skills while promoting a fun, goal-oriented group atmosphere. Athletes will develop the ability to perform their normal sport movements along with the strength, speed, reaction, and enduarance demands at their pre-injury level. This class is also intended to increase an athlete's confidence in performing high-level movements and ultimately return to sports without hesitation or fear of reinjury.


Our RTS program is broken into 3 difference phases based on your individual progress:

We focus on rebuilding the framework of sports driven movements with an emphasis on functional strength exercises, postural awareness, balance, and core training.

We refine Phase I achievements by teaching control and coordination of strength during running, jumping, and other sports specific movements. We dive into the challenge of adding speed, impact, change of direction, and combined movements in multiple planes.

In Phase III, we hone the athlete's ability to perform complex sports related movements. This phase consists of training using agility, plyometrics, acceleration, power, and reaction. After completion of this phase, an athlete will be ready to return to their previous level of sport or beyond.

Biodex Isokinetic Testing

At Proformance, our goal is to make premier medical care accessible to all individuals. The ability to know precisely how someone is progressing is essential to restoring full function while minimizing injury. Isokinetic testing uses complex digital equipment along with the latest software and technology to assess a muscle's full strength and is considered the strength test of choice for collegiate and professional athletes returning from an injury. Our Biodex isokinetic testing offers the medical "gold standard" in strength testing to ensure you are ready to return to life without limitations.

Common Questions

Is the program only for ACL injuries?
          While the RTS program is designed specifically to assist patients with ACL reconstruction, it is beneficial for all lower extremity
          injuries at the hip, thigh, knee, calf, and ankle. 

How can I enter the program?
          Current Proformance Patient: Consult your primary physical therapist to see if you are at an appropriate level to enter the return
          to sport program
           New Patient: Request an evaluation from the Proformance staff to see which return to sport phase is appropriate for you.

What is the cost for the RTS Program?
          Evaluation: $100
          Individual Session: $50
          Sessions (4-pack): $180
          Sessions (8-pack): $320

          The program is designed to be a self-pay system. However, pending benefits, the program can be run through insurance, whichever
           is more cost-efficient for the participant.